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“English Mastery(TM) for Career – Course Overview”

Open Letter to Regional institutions:

English Mastery™ for Career (EM4C) is a motivational program for English Mastery and Career Education. We adopt “mature learner” approach to imbue in these young maturing learners:

  1. Interest in the English Language,
  2. Method to Learn English Language and Beyond, and
  3. Ownership of learning and performance.

We guide them to:

  1. Embrace growth mind-set,
  2. Explore career-wise skill-set, and
  3. Achieve breakthrough in performance and confidence.

This is not an easy task.

Mr. KC is the creator of English Mastery program.  He has more than 30 years of professional and consulting experience, including School Principal, University Lecturer, Career Coach and Management Consultant. He is a life-long learner and he has coached thousands of learners of English as Foreign Language.

Currently, he is both a “Transformation Consultant” for Business and a “Transformation Coach” for the younger generation.

With his vast experience and passion, Mr. KC is now positioned at tail-end of career life and looking back at the younger generation. Based on this perspective, Mr. KC has to dig deep to reflect and research to design three series of programs to help the younger generation to be better prepared for their career and life.

These three series of programs form the basic building blocks for continual learning, growth, progression and performance at the workplace for career and life. They are:

  1. English Mastery™,
  2. CareerActive™, and
  3. eBusiness Management.

On the philosophy behind the design of the EM4C program, there are:

  1. The young maturing students have learnt sufficient English theory and knowledge at school. Therefore, the focus is not on teaching them more English language.

– This is why the institutions have to continue their English and/or career preparation classes, but deploy English Mastery™ as a complimentary, supporting foundational and motivational online program, to augment and deliver a blended and wholesome learning experience.

– For young learners in school or college, the hybrid learning environment allows students to learn from the best of both worlds, i.e. local and global resources,classroom and cyberspace. This is the new-emerging learning model for new economy.


  1. For these young maturing students, many of them are under-performing their real standard. We just need to get them to understand and practice what we call “mature learner” method to unleash their confidence and unlock their potential.

– We share and demonstrate these methods online, but the practices and coaching are still best done in classes by teachers.


  1. Motivation is the most critical ingredient in changing their mind-set from fixed to growth mind-set, from school learning to personal skill-set development for career and for life.

– The best motivation comes from newly-found ability and confidence to perform at higher level than before.


In summary, the advanced English classes in school and college (i.e. graduating batches, or freshmen of college and university) are most ideal time to intervene and influence these young maturing generation before “we” miss the opportunity when they graduate and leave school.


For all good intent and purpose, we seek good partners in the region to collaborate on this undertaking. We want to make the program reasonably affordable to achieve the win-win-win outcome.


WIN for students
Win for Institutions
win for CMAA (Career Mastery Academy Asia) & our regional partners


For the institutions, when more students can understand and embrace the mature learning, potentially the institution can tap on this new energy and culture to reinforce and re-align to the institution’s mission and vision. By and large, positive and healthy learning culture is a common focus for institutions.

English Mastery™ Coach
Career Mastery Academy Asia
Whatsapp: +65 98286371

[email protected]

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