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Course 1 - The Art of Understanding as You Read & Sense

Designed to explain and demonstrate to mature learners the read-to-understand skills, or understand as you read and sense


We are virtual academy to empower and inspire new-generation of mature learners, and career-minded people to build strong foundation for personal and talent development for 4th-generation Industrialization era.

What our candidates say?

“When I started, I can’t speak and almost can’t make conversation with others. But now, I can speak, write, read to understand. Confident in conversation...” Dao
Xuan Duong,
Vietnam (2017)
I’ve improved on my English. Now, I can speak English confidently.” Ha Thi Nhat Hien, Vietnam (2017) “Hi teacher!... You are the one who makes me what I am today. Thank you so much.”
Ha Thi Nhat Hien,
Vietnam (2018)
“English Mastery Course is a very good Course… I gradually mastered the method and sequence of learning articles, which enabled me to understand the main idea of articles.”
Li Wen Ling,
China (2020)


We are virtual academy... Self-Paced Learning, Live Classes and Personalized Coaching for Virtual Blended Learning

Our Connections

(A) Virtual Learning

We offer from Live & Blended Learning to one-to-one Personalised Coaching, all rolled in together to create uniquely personalised learning at affordable pricing.

1. Live Classes (Blended Learning)
2. Self-Paced Learning (LMS)
3. Personalised Coaching (One-to-One)

(B) Ready Proven Curriculum & Courses for Learning and Growth

- Foundational Learning
- Academic Learning

(C) Established Trainers & Coaches for Career & Talent Development

1. Specialised Trainers & Tuitors
- Academic & Personal Learning

2. Career & Personal Development
- Career & Talent Development
- Personal & Life coaching

(D) Partner with career and related center

(D) Partner with career and related center of colleges and institutions in the Asia Region to deliver our innovative career education and preparation program with our online learning and personalized coaching

(E) Partnership for ideas & co-development

we welcome like minded partners with leading learning centers from Asia, and established trainers and coaches globally to test and pilot new ideas, products & frontiers


Ng Kok Chuan

Tan Beng Hock

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