(2) English Mastery™ Series

English Mastery™ Series is a set of innovative programs designed to help mature learners to “Master the Way to Learn English” and make English learning experience lively, relevant and sustainable.

Target Participants

  • Young & Mature Learners of English as a foreign language (typically in the final year of High School or freshmen of University), as well as those already in the work force.
    • with basic competency, but lacking in confidence and regular usage.

  • This program is designed to help the mature learners to bridge the gap:
    • from theory to practice
    • from classroom to workplace
    • from lack of confidence to becoming confident

Course Description & Outcome

  • Course Description:
    • Designed to equip mature learners with the practical skills and abilities to use English confidently in the workplace.

  • Learning Outcome:
    • To gain confidence through practices and the use of the language on a regular basis
    • To become an independent and life-long learner of the English language

  • Online Blended learning
    • Online Lessons
    • Online Placement Test
    • Online Practices

Two Online Courses

Launching from
1st of July 2020

Course 1 – The Art & Science of Understanding as You Read & Sense
  • designed to explain and demonstrate to mature learners the read-to-understand skills, or understand as you read and sense


Course 2 – The Art & Science of Story-Telling & Speaking

  • Designed to explain and demonstrate to mature learners the construct-to-speak skills, or speak as you picture or sense
  • Core sub-skills: Picture to Sense & Understand, Construct to Write & Speak, Story-Telling, Visualisation-to-Speak, and Holistic Application
  • Course Design
    • Placement Test to place the learner at the right level (within Level 1 to 10)
    • By the end of this course learner is expected to progress up to 4 levels
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