We are virtual academy for Online Career Education & Personalised Coaching:

  • to empower you for career through online learning and personalized coaching for career education and advisory

  • to build strong foundation for personal, career and talent development for 4th-generation Industrialization era.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable online learning and personalized coaching for personal, career and talent development

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower people for career and inspire new generation of life-long learners for career mastery and beyond.

Our Belief

Our Belief is “Your Best is Yet to Be”

Based in Singapore, we are positioned for Asia market using primarily English media with innovative and effective training solutions and personalized coaching for specific needs.


(A) Virtual Blended Learning Environment
We offer from Self-Paced Learning, Live Classes and Personalised Coaching for Virtual Blended Learning, all rolled in together to create uniquely personalised learning at affordable pricing.
1. Self-Paced Learning (Online Lessons)
2. Live Classes (Blended Learning)
3. Personalised Coaching (One-to-One)

(B) Ready Proven Curriculum & Courses for Learning and Growth
– Foundation Learning
– Personal & Life Skill Training
– Career & Talent Development

(C) Established Trainers & Coaches for Career & Talent Development

1. Specialised Trainers & Tuitors
– Academic & Personal Learning

2. Career & Personal Coaching
– Career & Talent Development
– Personal & Life coaching

(D) Partner with career and related center of colleges and institutions in the Asia Region to deliver our innovative career education and preparation program with our online learning and personalized coaching

(E) Partnership for ideas & co-development: we welcome like minded partners with leading learning centers from Asia, and established trainers and coaches globally to test and pilot new ideas, products & frontiers

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